I always find it hard to answer when people ask me what I do. I think about it and say ' maybe best you look at my website' and if we both have time we sit and explore it together. I know as a professional painter I should aim to be professional and be ready for the question I know I'm going to get but it throws me every time. I guess if it was something that worried me I would have done something about it long ago but it doesn't as my main focus is my art. Maybe it's because I don't see my art as 'work', maybe it's because I never had the discipline of formal training or maybe it's my ever so slightly stubborn nature coming through!

People often ask questions about my style, colour, subject, composition, perspective or how I manage to achieve whatever they see in my paintings. All of these I can easily answer and enjoy the many conversations I have with visitors to my studio on Wakefield Art Walk evenings when I welcome the chance to chat to people who are already familiar with my work and look for reactions from those who aren't......if I see the smile I know I've done my job!

Most painters struggle to find a style they can genuinely call their own. Be assured what you are about to see as you look through the various galleries is 100% me, my ideas and experiences painted in the only way I know how. It's not a platform for sales, more a tool to showcase some of my work from the past and something I know will always be there when I say 'maybe best you look at my website'!

I hope this has given you a brief insight into the way I work.

I'm based in central Wakefield at Westgate Studios where you're more than welcome to visit, just give me a call or send me an e mail to arrange a time.