Painting has always been my passion in one way or another, more so in late 2007 when I was given a reason, time and inspiration to focus on my art. Countless hours experimenting with line, colour and materials led to me developing my own quirky/ bendy and often said distinctive style which, at that time was recognised as being very different to traditional landscapes often seen in galleries. Being different resulted in it being an instant success when introduced to Whitby Galleries, North Yorkshire in January 2010 where it has continued to sell successfully ever since.

Following on from Whitby and other Yorkshire Coast locations I began to focus closer to home and produced a collection of images based on Wakefield where it continues to sell in various outlets.

Time restrictions and my choice to paint for pleasure and produce quality work prevents me from seeking outlets further afield but occasionally I find time to 'paint for me', things that inspire me when out and about, trees for example, very different to the seaside and cityscapes I'm known for but somehow still recognisable as my style.

I get immense satisfaction and motivation knowing my work gives people pleasure, my motto being 'I paint memories and make people smile' through both my everyday paintings and commissions where I work closely with clients to record their special events and memories.

I'm based in central Wakefield at Westgate Studios where you're more than welcome to visit, just give me a call or send me an e mail to arrange a time.

Thank you for your interest.